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Central EDUCATIONAL Hall and Intel Corporation co-sponsored international confer...

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5-6 November 2015, the central EDUCATIONAL Hall and Intel jointly organized the 2015 international conference in Hangzhou of educational information, meeting with "big data boost education reform" as its theme, the central audio-visual education museum curator Wang beads, Cai Yun, deputy director, Zhejiang Provincial Education Department Deputy Director at Sun Life, Mr. John J. Galvin, president of Intel's global education market, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech, Mr. general manager of Intel (China) Co., Ltd. in cooperation with industry Solutions Douglas Cougle APEC (OECD) PISA project founder, Dr. Andreas Schleicher, Dr. George Siemens United States to study innovation and network knowledge Research Laboratory, University of Texas Executive Director, Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences Professor Jiang Minghe, Beijing Normal University, Professor Huang Ronghuai at home and abroad education experts, school frontline educators, as well as the relevant person in charge of Intel Corporation in the field of education attended the meeting, experience the "one on one" teaching, STEM, creating off-site teaching and education, to explore the "Internet +" era of cloud computing, Opportunities and challenges large data and other innovative technologies to educational reform brought about, at the same time the central EDUCATIONAL Hall and Intel's "big data analytics education research" project launch ceremony.

In the "Internet +" and gradually deep integration of all walks of life today, the rapid development of information technology education to today's form has brought a revolutionary change. Integration of big data, cloud computing and mobile technology to open up new normal "Internet +" era of digital education. Conform to the trend in blended learning process, how scientific and rational use of Big Data technologies on the teaching behavior analysis and forecasting, in order to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning, is a key issue of domestic and foreign experts, scholars and educational institutions of common concern. As the world's leading technology innovators, Intel Corporation long-term roots in the field of education information, also see the "Internet +" next wave of education reform market opportunities and demand. Central EDUCATIONAL Hall and Intel first start "Big Data Analytics education research" project, designed to study the application of data mining and analysis tools in blended learning mode network learning and face to face learning integration, build a unified data warehouse teaching behavior, Indicator System development and testing student learning and teachers' teaching behavior, achieve educational large data acquisition, storage, management and analysis of current teaching and student behavior to predict future trends in learning for students and teachers to learn teaching methods to build behavior The new evaluation system, effectively improve the teaching and learning experience. Study period of this project initial period of two years, the selection of a number of network infrastructure in China better environment, to carry out related experiments IT applications are preliminary results of the region.

Zhejiang Provincial Education Department Deputy Director Mr. Yu Yongming Speech

Central EDUCATIONAL curator Miss Wang Zhuzhu Speech

Intel's vice president of global sales and marketing, general manager of the education sector, Mr. John J. Galvin speak

 Central EDUCATIONAL Hall and Intel jointly launched the "big data analytics education research" project

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